Who We Are

The Florida Law Enforcement Public Information Officers Association (FLEPIOA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization made up of professional spokespersons who work in law enforcement and other public safety venues.

What is FLEPIOA and how can it help you become a better PIO?

Members of FLEPIOA are able to network with their counterparts around the state of Florida for guidance and advice from other members.  No matter what the situation – a fellow FLEPIOA member has probably experienced it before and can help!

FLEPIOA’s Annual Training Conferences bring everyone together to learn mission-critical skills from experienced professionals and network with other spokespersons from around the state.

FLEPIOA also has members from state and federal agencies that have Florida representation.

2019 Government-In-The-Sunshine Manual (A Reference For Compliance with Florida’s Public Records and Open Meetings Laws)