The Florida Law Enforcement Public Information Officers Association (FLEPIOA) is a statewide organization that includes representatives from all branches of local, state and federal law enforcement /public safety.

The purpose of the Florida Law Enforcement Officers Public Information Officers Association is to give law enforcement and public safety PIOs the training opportunities to enhance their knowledge of Florida law and PIO best practices. FLEPIOA membership also provides the resources of experience and expertise for PIOs to maintain a credible and professional relationship with the media organizations with whom they work.

Members represent agencies from all branches of public safety.  Yearly dues are only $60.00.

Membership is beneficial to new PIOs and those who have been in the field for many years.  The networking and support from peers is invaluable to our profession. We all bring different experiences, viewpoints and knowledge to the table. Best of all, we learn from each other’s successes and failures.  Every year we hold a conference to provide comprehensive training that effectively addresses current needs of our members.

A membership with FLEPIOA is designed to provide you with the tools which can further the role and reputation of the public information officer.  As a member of FLEPIOA, you will have the expertise of over 100 different PIOs, which covers all dimensions of the public safety community.

Please consider joining FLEPIOA.  It is a great association with a rich history.  We are a leader in this industry and a membership with FLEPIOA can only enhance your position as a public information officer within your agency. Join Today!

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