Ben Tobias

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The current FLEPIOA President is Ben Tobias.

(As of October 29, 2018 Ben resigned as the full-time PIO for the Gainesville Police Department and began a job as an External Communication Senior Consultant for Allstate.  At the 2018 conference,  FLEPIOA membership voted to have him finish his term as President to conclude after the 2019 conference.)

Officer Ben Tobias joined the Gainesville Police Department in 2005. During his career he has served in Patrol and also spent three years riding horses with the Mounted Patrol Unit. Ben was approached and asked to be the Public Information Officer for GPD in the spring of 2012 which he accepted.

About a month after starting his new position, he handled all media functions for the murder case of UF Student Christian Aguilar, a case that garnered international attention. Approximately 6 weeks after becoming a PIO, Ben gave a press briefing that aired live nationwide.

Since that time he has managed multiple incidents that have drawn international media attention, including celebrity and athlete arrests. Ben manages a very successful Facebook and Twitter for the Gainesville Police Department and has found the magic of going viral multiple times.

Ben’s duties include daily interactions with the Gainesville TV, print and radio news outlets and managing GPD’s social media presence.  He handles the photography and videography for GPD and presents multiple times each year at the University of Florida’s School of Journalism.

Additionally, Officer Tobias serves as a backup Tactical Flight Officer for the agency’s Joint Aviation Unit.

Officer Tobias was elected FLEPIOA Vice-President in June 2015 and assumed the office of President in October 2016 after the past president had to resign. He was re-elected for a 2-year term in October 2017.